19 May 2016

Wekin Wireless Router Long Range super High Power WIFI Router,Is a high-efficiency Wireless Internet for the home Hotels, Villas, Markets and business workplace, Make Your Life Become Convenient!

And adjustable output power ACK Timeout
It supports PTP and multipoint (multipoint)
Multiple wireless expansion mode: Universal repeater / wisp mode / wds bridge
WPA2 / WPA / AES / TKIP, 802.1x authentication
Firewall, IP / Port / MAC and URL filtering / anti ask control
Supports port forwarding / virtual server / DMZ Host / UPNP Settings
Built-in NAT and DHCP server and client
It supports broadband control / traffic statistics
Supports static address assignment
Support systems Reboot
Support remote WEB management
Supports UPnP, Dynamic DNS, Static Routing
Support PPPoE, dynamic IP, static IP Internet
Port-based VLAN support
Wireless user access control (ACL)
4 * LAN + 1 * WAN (10 / 100Mbps adaptive) FE
Quick Setup Wizard is easy through Web-based tools
External 6dBi full ANT

Package Content:
1 x High Power WIFI Router
1 x User manual

attention: Note: When installing, please set the router automatically restart time, Is not set to automatically restart time, periodically power restart, the cache is cleared, in order to ensure stable operation of the router fast!

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